You are in total control of the meal elements

you want. Choose the weights of your proteins

carbohydrates and vegetables .


Chef’s Selection

The Life Food Chef’s Selection box. Inspired by the world. Delivered to you.
Designed to provide you with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for three days. 

Weight Loss

Built for those who want to lose weight but still with the same mouth-watering ingredients! 120g of Protein & Carbohydrate Source with 30g of Vegetables, it means you can eat a little less, but more often!

Muscle Gain

Eat more protein to gain muscle! 200g of Protein & Carbohydrate source, paired with 30g of vegetables. Perfect portions to keep your hunger at bay!

Build Your Own

100% bespoke and to fit your macros! Select the weights of your foods and the ingredients from the menu and let our chefs take care of the rest!

Made using fresh ingredients and meat sourced from a local butcher, we don’t skimp on quality or portion size! Perfect for refuelling yourself after grinding in the gym!

We don’t skimp on quality or portion size. Proper food, proper portions, meaning you’re left feeling full and satisfied. If you haven’t tried us yet or maybe you are interested in stocking our meals, give us a try.

Cooked using fresh ingredients and no nasty additives, our meals are tasty, nutritious and most importantly, filling! We don’t skimp on portion size and you have full flexibility on how you’d like your meals with full flexibility on content.